Overlay Road 1
by igotsthestatic

road comments:
One day I thought, "What would happen if I placed two platforms with different effects in the same place?" The result was the Overlay series, of which this road is the first installment of.

Road description: This level features a bunch of jumping platforms, much like The Elements Road 2. Seems easy, right? Well, let's put a twist on things by having some of the platforms upside-down. Still not that big of a challenge? Well, let's overlap the jumping platforms with DIRECTION REVERSERS and GRAVITY INVERTERS. This road is a truly unique experience that even experienced Tasty Static players will have to adapt to.

Note: I was hoping that combining gravity inverters with jumping platforms would actually make them behave differently, but apparently not :/ so yeah, they work just like regular gravity inverters.
  1. Download road
  2. Place in the "customs" folder and play
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